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Why Your Senior Loved One Needs Post-Op Wound Care

Why Your Senior Loved One Needs Post-Op Wound Care

If your loved one has recently undergone an operation, the need for constant supervision continues even as they transition back into their home. As healthcare professionals in Texas would tell you, their condition remains delicate as they now have to manage a surgical wound.

The body loses the speed at which it heals wounds as we age. What takes a child to heal in a matter of days can take weeks or even months for a senior adult. This leaves them vulnerable to serious complications. Fortunately, our brand of home health care in Stafford, Texas includes quality wound care in our plethora of skilled nursing services.

St. Agnes Healthcare Professionals, Inc. would like to elaborate to our dear clients why wound care may be necessary for their loved ones.

  • Wound care helps reduce the risk of infection.

    Infections pose a serious threat to your loved ones, especially if they are immunocompromised. With proper wound care, wounds of various sizes are regularly cleaned, drained, and dressed by trained professionals, reducing the risk of infections.

  • Wound care prevents the development of chronic wounds.

    These refer to wounds that either heal too slowly or do not heal at all. Chronic wounds cause constant pain and even limit mobility, lowering your loved one’s quality of life. Proper wound care ensures the progress of healing, keeping wounds from becoming a detriment to your loved one’s daily living.

  • Wound care reduces the risk of rehospitalization due to wound problems.

    The two aforementioned problems often require intensive medical intervention, which can aggravate your problems with healthcare costs. In a way, wound care also helps you cut costs, giving you more resources to tend to your loved one’s other needs..

As a provider of home nursing care in Beaumont, Texas, and its surrounding areas, we have skilled nurses who implement effective wound care strategies to maximize recovery and comfort. Hire wound care professionals by calling us today.

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