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Physical Therapy for Post-Surgical Recovery and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy for Post-Surgical Recovery and Rehabilitation

The purpose of getting surgery can be done to further diagnose a certain condition, remove or repair organs, implant mechanical or electronic devices, transplant tissue or whole organs, and even improve physical appearance through cosmetic surgery. Whatever the purpose is, physical therapy is necessary after surgery in order to assist in recovery and rehabilitation, especially if it is a major surgery like that of total knee replacement, foot and ankle surgery, and many others.

Here at St. Agnes Healthcare Professionals, Inc., physical therapy is part of an effective post-surgical treatment plan – though the therapy plan varies for every patient because each one requires unique treatments and recovers at a different pace. Thereby, the highly-skilled physical therapists here in our home health care in Stafford, Texas, create an individualized physical therapy plan that has the following benefits.

  • Improves mobility, balance, flexibility, and strength

    Since surgery can cause a mobility limitation, especially in the affected region or body, physical therapy helps regain mobility, strengthen muscles, increase stability, and improve balance through movement, strengthening exercises, myofascial release, and other manual techniques.

  • Eases pain and swelling

    Swelling is part of the natural healing process after surgery. Exercises and movement as part of home nursing care in Beaumont, Texas, help to reduce swelling, prevent surgical pain from becoming chronic, and reduce overall pain.

  • Reduces scar tissue formation

    After surgery, scar tissue forms, and soft tissue contracts as part of healing. To soften scar tissue, healthcare professionals in Texas, specifically physical therapists, perform many types of tissue mobilization techniques, including massage and ultrasound therapy.

Working with a physical therapist can safely and effectively help you get back to normal functioning in no time. For your physical rehabilitation needs, kindly call 1-800-959-8099 today.

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