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Medication Management Tips for Seniors

Medication Management Tips for Seniors

Whether you’re a senior trying to keep track of a long list of medication, or a caregiver trying to help, these medication management tips can help you save time, and stay on top of prescribed (and over-the-counter) medications. Many seniors take multiple prescriptions per day; no wonder medication management can be a bit challenging for them. To help you, here are some top tips for medication management for seniors:

  • Know what is being taken.
    Keep an updated list of each medication, including both over-the-counter and prescription. Include in the list who prescribed it, the dose, frequency, any special dosing instructions (with or without food), and noticeable side effects. Always bring your list during visits with your healthcare professionals in Texas, because this will help you determine why each medication was prescribed.
  • Minimize the number of healthcare providers and pharmacies.
    It’s easier to coordinate care when you or your loved one minimizes the number of doctors and pharmacies you visit. The more doctors you see, the more possibility of side effects to occur. Having only one pharmacy, if possible, helps ensure proper dosage and lessens the risk of dangerous drug interactions.
  • Keep medications organized.
    If you are taking multiple medications, our home nursing care in Beaumont, Texas, will help you keep your prescriptions organized. Having a pill organizer allows seniors to see when they have taken their medicines on a given day. Other pill organizers include an alarm clock function, which can help avoid missed doses.

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